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Lepim I Varim

A popular restaurant chain that makes pelmeni dumplings

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Lepim I Varim (literally, We Wrap and Boil [Dumplings]) opened in the fall of 2015 in Stoleshnikov Lane, surrounded by premium brands. Back then, the owners joked that this was the first-ever pelmeni boutique; and today, the chain includes multiple state-of-the-art restaurants (a total of 10 in Moscow). Every day, the open kitchens produce countless dumplings, vareniki and pelmeni, with every possible filling imaginable.

The flagship restaurant, with 80 seats, is located in Mira Avenue, not far from the Apothecary Garden. The menu features more than a dozen dumpling types: with beef and pork, mushrooms, lamb, cheese, shrimp, chicken, and more. Some options have humorous names, with nods to Russian culture: Mamin Sibiryak (literally, Mamma's Boy from Siberia, a pun on Mamin-Sibiryak, the last name of a famous Russian author), Kamchatka Uncle, or Of Course, Uasya! (a reference to a popular song). The standard serving size is 10 dumplings; you can also order a larger portion (15 dumplings) and ask the staff to add broth.

The service is designed to be as fast as possible: the guest makes an order at the checkout desk, pays for it, and sits down at the table to wait. When placing an order, you can also add a mors, a low-alcohol beverage, a salad, or a sauce. Waiting time is no more than 15 minutes at peak hours.

Aside from dumplings, the restaurant servers soups, salads, desserts, and breakfast meals (available in the mornings). Children under 7 can enjoy free snacks from a special menu.

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