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Five gastronomical projects in a Sretenka mansion


LINA is housed inside a two-storey manor in Sretenka Street. There are a whopping five gastronomical projects (all created by Moscow's aspiring restaurateurs, Galaktion and Elina Tabidze) under its roof.

If you enter the ground floor from the Stretenka side, you will find yourself at LILA Pastry. This eatery's menu offers a great selection of desserts, including vegan and lactose-free options. Aside from sweet treats, Pastry has a main menu and breakfast options. The interiors are full of light and air; settling with a snack near a large panoramic window is particularly enjoyable.

If you access the building from the alley, you will discover LILA Asia. This place specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine and boasts as sushi bar that uses a variety of authentic Asian sushi-making techniques. The cocktails on the menu are designed by the team of Insider Bar, located upstairs. Insider Bar is equipped with a modern laboratory for crafting unique beverage flavors and fragrances. Note that the bar is only open three days a week, and it's best to book in advance. Mind the dress code!

A veranda opens on the mansion's roof each May. It's a separate space with its own concept: a new cuisine will be presented here every year.

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