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Mama Tuta

A restaurant with home-made Georgian cuisine




10:00 — 23:00



Mama Tuta is a modern Georgian restaurant, embodying an original concept by restaurateur Aram Mnatsakanov, who is especially attentive towards national traditions. "Tuta" in the name is a reference to the Georgian word for the mulberry tree, venerated in Georgia and Armenia. In the Caucasus, mulberry is used in almost every recipe, from desserts to the chacha brandy. And in colloquial speech, tuta is a genial way of addressing a friend.

Mama Tuta has two floors. The ground floor houses the main dining space with wide-open windows, a small summer terrace, and an open kitchen, where the restaurant team uses the traditional tandoor (tone) oven to bake shotis puri, Georgian bread. Hot shotis puri, with Kakhetian oil and Svanetian spice mix, is offered to guests as an hors d'œuvre.

The upper level is reserved for special guests. It recreates the aesthetic of a Bohemian apartment in Tbilisi, with an antique piano, silk carpet, tasseled plush curtains, and a collection of family rarities. It is used as an intimate setting for events with a small number of guests.

The menu is quite laconic (with just 30 dishes, including desserts), but designed with utmost care: chicken tabaka, chakapuli, shkmeruli, Avlabari-style dolma in grape leaves, ajapsandali, and pkhali. Traditional dishes are intertwined with the chef's own creations, inspired by oGeorgian cuisine: kuchmachi ravioli, ravioli with veal brains, and mini khinkali dumplings with beef in pepper sauce.

The wine menu showcases different Georgian and organic wines. Orange wines are especially notable.

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