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A 2-in-1 restaurant with an extensive seafood menu




10:00 — 22:00


1500 — 2000

Restaurateur Alexander Rappoport's new project embodies his vision of a modern city restaurant with specialized cuisine, a wide selection of coffee, and a unique presentation of dishes. MoreCoffeeOkean (SeaCoffeeOcean) is the newest addition to the Evropeisky shopping mall's gastronomic atrium. It was conceived as a mixed format establishment: a cozy coffee shop where you can drop by before work in the morning, and a gourmet restaurant in the evening. The interiors reflect the restaurant's concept and combine compact tables and minimalistic decor with dim lighting and silk tablecloths.

At MoreCoffeeOkean, coffee is brewed exclusively from Arabica beans, and you can order any drink with lactose-free or alternative milk. In addition to the classic menu items, the coffee shop offers more sophisticated cold brew and pour-over coffee. You can compliment your drink with a signature dessert of your choice: almond cookies, berry cheesecake, or vanilla parmesan.

The restaurant's menu is seafood-based and contains such dishes as sea bass sashimi with lychee sauce and salmon tartare with citrus sauce. MoreCoffeeOkean also offers a selection of original street food. We recommend trying their Peking duck pita roll and Cobb salad with blue cheese and tomatoes.

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