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Moscow — Delhi

A hospitable place with a vegetarian menu

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Moscow — Delhi is a small, authentic Indian restaurant without a permanent menu. The owners describe it as "daba": a place for a close circle of friends in Indian culture. This establishment differs from other, more conventional restaurants near Patriarshiye Ponds: it's more of a hospitable private home than a dining venue.

The interior decorations have been hand-crafted by the owners, who have breathed a new life into every household object. Even the floors are made out of old boards, and the walls are laid out of mud-brick.

All employees multi-task: there are no dedicated roles like chef or waiter. Food is cooked on a wood stove; nothing is hidden from the guests, even the most basic household processes like washing dishes, peeling almonds for almond milk, or making flatbreads.

The menu is based on organic products and spices imported from India. The staff avoid using electric tools and make every dish by hand, treating each ingredient with respect. Instead of a fixed menu, the restaurant offers new breakfast, lunch, and dinner sets of vegetarian dishes every day. No alcohol is served. The price for a meal is fixed (2000 rubles), but you can always ask for an extra helping.

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