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A non-trivial restaurant with Moscow cuisine




10:00 — 23:00


1000 — 1500

The concept of this restaurant on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard was developed by the residents of the Discover Russian Cuisine project aimed at popularizing Russian cuisine abroad: as part of this project, Russian chefs travel around the world and acquaint foreigners with Russian gastronomic traditions. The menu features the traditional selection for Moscow restaurants: burgers, spaghetti, tartare, warm eggplant salad. But each is served in an unexpected interpretation (the creators of the project avoid the expression “signature cuisine,” calling it “Moscow cuisine” instead). For example, the spaghetti is made manually from Italian flour and with surprising toppings (there's even oxtail), and the burger cutlets are made from venison. There is an emphasis on the seasonality of the products: the menu is constantly updated. 

The interiors of Pokolenie are decorated with paintings, which are also regularly updated; every two months, the creators plan to hold auctions and update the works on display. Another curious detail of the place is the second floor with its chef's table concept: the dishes are prepared and served by the chef personally to a single table. In summer, a veranda bathed in bright lights opens, where famous DJs play on weekends. 

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