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Ramen Club

A small chain of Japanese-style noodle shops


700 — 1500

Ramen is traditional Japanese noodle soup with a rich broth. Due to the specific nature of its recipe, the process of cooking ramen can take over 24 hours. The broth stock is always the same everywhere: chicken, pork, and beef. The freshly sliced ingredients are thrown into the pre-made broth moment before serving, right in front of the guest. There are more than 20 varieties of noodles with various broths.

Aside from the eponymous noodles, Ramen Club also serves rice dishes, rolls, Japanese gyōza dumplings, and onigiri: little rice triangles with filling in the middle. The dessert menu includes coconut ice-cream with mochi rice fondant and profiteroles with yuzu cream.

Although Ramen Club is a chain, each individual restaurant differs from the next, in terms of both interior and opening hours. The one at 16 Myasnitskaya Street has just three tables, while the one at 76 Sadovnicheskaya Street can accommodate more than 70 people.

There are discounts available during lunchtime. Food and beverages can be ordered to go.

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