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Sartoria Lamberti

An Italian restaurant at The Carlton, Moscow


Sartoria Lamberti is an Italian restaurant (its founders call it a gastronomic atelier—the name stands for "tailoring workshop") located on the first floor of The Carlton, Moscow, a five-star hotel. The design of the restaurant does resemble a European atelier: cloakroom number tags look like pieces of tape measure, business cards are shaped like plastic buttons, and there is a small studio where the seamstress embroiders monograms on gifts for the guests, right by the entrance. The place is decorated appropriately: subdued neon lights, elongated tables, and embroidered armchairs. 

The restaurant's menu was created by chef Uilliam Lamberti (Ugolyok, Uilliam’s) who combined culinary traditions and a creative choice of ingredients. Classic dishes include shrimp carbonara, goat cheese risotto, and salt-baked fish. Some of the best original recipes are avocado carpaccio and truffle-stuffed artichokes. Like any good Italian restaurant, Sartoria Lamberti has an extensive bar menu with a focus on apéritifs (served with complimentary appetizers). The cherry on top is a selection of unusually shaped desserts with interesting flavors. 

Photo: press materials

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