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An AI-designed menu


She is a wellbeing bistro, a unique project by restaurateur Boris Zarkov and Ksenia Sobchak. Its concept utilizes today's latest trends: conscientious eating, gender equality, responsible consumption, eco-friendliness, and artificial intelligence.

The brand chef is a virtual avatar. Her name is Sasha Weiner, and she has her own social media account. The AI has designed several dishes on the menu, with unexpected ingredient combos. One example is Diavolo Chorizo (a.k.a. "What if Bloody Mary was a kind of food"): Neapolitan pizza with tomatoes and spicy chorizo, which sprinkled with a vodka-based cocktail before serving.

The menu mixes Italian and Asian cuisine, resulting in dishes like spaghetti with mentaiko sauce and Alaska pollock roe, or Buddha's Chalice: green salad with avocado, quinoa, kale, and sweet potato falafel. The restaurant boasts a long wine menu, with over a hundred items (mostly French and Italian wines), as well as a cocktail menu. In the mornings, a diverse breakfast menu is available.

The design is meant to be eco-friendly: the chairs on the second floor are glued together out of sawn-up fragments of old furniture, the number tags in the cloak room are made from recycled plastic, and the pivots of the massive five-meter chandelier are carved from natural stone.

It's best to book tables at She in advance.

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