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A restaurant with modern and traditional Siberian cuisine




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#SibirSibir is not just a restaurant: it's like a local history museum, with fascinating interior details. The ceiling is adorned with antique carved dressings, each wall is lined with polished copper samovars, and the window of the open kitchen is framed with a mosaic in the Social realism style. You will find the restaurant on the ground floor of Azimut Hotel, right opposite the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Arbat, Moscow's most touristy street.

The menu combines traditional Siberian cuisine with modern dishes. You will find muksun and sterlet stroganina, Siberian pelmeni dumplings of several types, mushrooms, pickled goods, pies and rasstegais, as well as dishes based on game, freshwater fish, and wild herbs from the taiga. Chef Evgeny Kuznetsov loves working with seasonal products that find little use anywhere else: for instance, cloudberries.

The bar menu has an extensive assortment of wines and stronger drinks, cocktails with Siberian berries, and infused vodkas.

The impressive breakfast menu includes blinis, Yakut pies, and traditional desserts. The veranda is heated and stays open until late fall.

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