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The Old Man and the Sea

Seafood delicacies on Chistoprudny Boulevard

Старик и море.jpg

This seafood restaurant on Chistoprudny Boulevard was opened by the creators of two other projects, Rynok i Obschepit (Market and Catering) and The Brothers Karavayev. The restaurant shares a venue with Rolan cinema (temporarily closed). People who want to get in often have to queue up outside, but the line moves pretty quickly.

The main upsides of this restaurant include fast service, large servings, and affordable prices. The menu is short enough to fit onto a single page. The main emphasis is on fresh seafood: guests are offered to try three types of oysters, as well as sea urchins and scallops. Another sizeable menu section is dedicated to grilled dishes, seafood and meat alike.

This is a self-service restaurant: guests make their order at checkout by marking their dish of choice on the menu sheet and writing down their name. They will be notified that their order is ready over loudspeaker; drinks can be picked up immediately after ordering.

In the center of the restaurant's space, you will find an open kitchen; and the windows are lined with tables with a view over the pond. There is no reservation feature.

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