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A restaurant, store, and cheese-making factory


1500 — 2500

Syrovarnya is a restaurant chain run by Arkady Novikov, celebrating cheeses of all kinds, as well as cheese-based foods. As the name (Syrovarnya is Russian for cheese factory) implies, the restaurant has an in-house cheese-making workshop that uses Italian techniques to produce seven types of cheese: mozzarella, burrata, stracciatella, caciotta, scamorza (including the smoked variety), and ricotta. You can sample each of these cheeses at the restaurant, or buy them to go.

The menu is quite extensive, and most dishes feature cheese as the main ingredient, one way or another. The restaurateur himself describes Syrovarnya's cuisine as country-style food: pasta with simple sauces and fillings, pizza from a wood oven, dishes served in a frying pan, meat patties, cabbage rolls, and baked chicken. From time to time, the restaurant hosts gourmet dinners, where the chef prepares sets of seasonal products.

The restaurant has a terrace, as well as a children's play area with entertainment services provided over the weekends.

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