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A gastronomical space station




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Voskhod is the largest restaurant from Alexander Rappoport's culinary empire in Zaryadye Park. This project is an interpretation of the cultural heritage of the USSR: its interiors replicate the Soviet take on Art Nouveau, and its menu celebrates the cuisines of the former Soviet republics. Dishes like borscht, satsivi, chebureki turnovers, kebabs, and seafood all complement each other organically. The list of items on the menu is quite extensive, showcasing the most popular gastronomical traditions from all over the Soviet Union. The chef, Maxim Tarusin, came here from Dr. Zhivago.

The interior design embodies the human wanderlust for space travel. You will spot difference space-themed panels, along with furniture from the 1960s. Some space references are even more specific: you can order takeout in actual space food tubes.

The panoramic windows offer a stunning view over Zaryadye Park, the Kremlin, and the Vasilyevsky Slope. The restaurant has its own veranda. Live music concerts with famous guest stars take place here on Fridays and Saturdays.

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