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Vysota 5642

A restaurant with a large collection of Caucasian dishes


The numbers in the name are the height of Mount Elbrus, since it is from its foothills that various seasonal products are delivered to the restaurant, such as chicken, cheeses, sour cream, and honey. The menu is Pan-Caucasian, based on Adyghe, Cherkess, Kabardian, and Georgian cuisines. It also features completely original dishes, courtesy of chef Alisher Makhamov's team. Some staples include: khychins made from the finest dough, gelibzhe (Kabardian-style chicken steamed in sour cream), and fragrant lyagur, dried over burning nettles in schipsy sauce. The wine menu is sourced mostly from Caucasus and Russia.

The restaurant's interior design accentuates organic rough materials with coarse textures: tall concrete ceilings, reinforced concrete structures and metal pipes, a bare wall assembled from Nizhny Novgorod bricks of the 19th century, tall sliding windows, massive wrought-iron chandeliers,

yellowish-orange tinted glass, and an open kitchen with dried herbs hanging everywhere.

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