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Gastronomic Market StrEAT

The cuisine of more than 30 countries under the roof


StrEAT was designed by the same person who reconstructed Danilovsky Market, the project which kicked off a gastro-market revolution in Moscow. The spacious food hall is located in the building of the former Dynamo plant, a few years ago this space was turned into a business quarter. The concept of the market is simple: there are no big gastro projects, so the three halls totaling 2,500 square meters only house signature restaurants and food start-ups. This project has gathered over thirty different world cuisines all under the same roof.

The main residents of the gastro market include the French gastronomic start-up Louis Onion, the American restaurant Wild West, the Italian eatery Pasta Mesto, and the Japanese street food joint YO! You can also find some establishments that already have a name for themselves: Vietnamese BO, Thai YavThai, and Chinese Chiho. The vast variety of Russian cuisine is also worth mentioning: there is a Far Eastern fish restaurant, Ryba-Lyubov, the more traditional Sever, and an experimental pancake house called The Crepes. Other unusual projects include Matcha Dope, Bananas, and Brownie Mama which offer healthy drinks and vegan desserts, as well as specialty coffee joint Laboratoria Coffee.

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