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Artest – Fireplace Lounge

The restaurant that was selected by the MICHELIN Guide


The restaurant founded by Arkady Novikov and the chef Artem Estafiev is based on the fine dining concept: a wide range of dishes is served at the establishment in accordance with all main rules of haute cuisine. There are two conceptual floors with a distinctive atmosphere in the restaurant. Both the fireplace lounge and the chef’s table hall became a part of the MICHELIN Guide Moscow 2022.

The fireplace lounge is situated on the second floor and stands in drastic contrast to the chef’s table hall below. As opposed to the dimly lit, chambered, and somewhat brutal first floor, it has bright walls, dormer windows and Scandinavian-style decor, as well as a crackling fireplace. Another distinctive feature of the lounge is a large wine collection consisting of 1600 bottles.

In contrast to the first floor, the a-la carte menu of light, wholesome and vibrant dishes made of seasonal ingredients is used here. MICHELIN has found local farm-produced poultry or wagyu beef especially remarkable. The bar menu features signature drinks, but any classic cocktails can be mixed at guests’ request.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Artest

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