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Avocado Queen

A restaurant focused on avocado dishes




09:00 — 23:00


1500 — 2500

Only a few restaurants in Moscow are dedicated to one product, and Avocado Queen is one of them. It serves multiple variations of guacamole, fried and baked avocado, and breakfast dishes and rolls with this fruit (yes, avocado is definitely not a vegetable, as many people think). However, the menu features plenty of other dishes: sushi and rolls with fresh seafood, three kinds of soups, pasta, risotto, salads, appetizers and main courses.

The brand-chef of the project is Glen Ballis from Australia, who worked for twenty years in restaurants in Southeast Asia, then moved to London and eventually to Moscow, where he started a collaboration with Arkady Novikov. The chef is Lyudmila Moroz, who worked at Remy Kitchen Bakery and Gorynych.

The bar menu at Avocado Queen includes berry-flavored Berry Pleasure, spicy Inspiring and Brasing, fruity Awaking, and an avocado cocktail, called Delicate Avocado. The wine list features a wide selection of wines by the bottle and glass. There is a decent selection of non-alcoholic drinks: teas, smoothies and homemade lemonades.

The interior was designed by Evgeniya Uzhegova from Living Now Studio design bureau (Lila, Insider, Eva, and a dozen other restaurants and bars were also designed by her). She emphasized light colors, copper luminaires, and bright accents.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Avocado Queen

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