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A restaurant that serves delicacies near the Kremlin


Alexander Rappoport has opened his restaurant specializing in traditional Russian delicacies on the second floor of Hotel National: a great location with a rare view over the Kremlin and the Historical Museum.

The interior decorations are exquisite: white tablecloths on the tables, portraits of Russian princesses along the dining hall's perimeter, and a crystal bar counter shaped like a caviar vase in the center. One of the wall panels is an ironic depiction of young women in kokoshniks taking a selfie.

Caviar is the restaurant's main specialty. The menu has an entire section dedicated to it, with more than 20 varieties of caviar: "gray", "malossol" (low-salt), "fresh-grain", "astrakhanka", "beads", "Imperial", "albino", "black pearl", and more. Black caviar is served with poached eggs and "Caspian" baked potatoes. A special set called A Barge Hauler's Breakfast includes a whopping kilo of caviar, along with a dozen other dishes.

The kitchen is the domain of chef Evgeny Vikentyev, who is happy to expand his guests' horizons when it comes to delicacies: at this restaurant, delicacies are not just the conventional oysters and caviar, but also fermented mackerel wrapped into kombu seaweed leaves or organic farm produce, cooked in a special, complex way.

The bar menu is more than ten pages long. The restaurant has one of the largest vodka selections.

Booking is mandatory in the evenings.

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