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An original gastronomic zero-waste bistro

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This suburban restaurant near Arkhangelskoye Estate was created by chef Ekaterina Alekhina. Having completed her internship in international gastronomic schools (including the world-famous Le Cordon Blue and Arzak), she brought her ideas to life in her own gastronomic bistro. The name of the project reflects its concept: main courses are prepared in an experimental way. The restaurant has its own modern laboratory for fermenting different ingredients and creating new and unusual combinations. The menu changes completely depending on the season. Another important feature of the restaurant is the zero-waste philosophy: all waste is sorted and recycled. Glass is melted into decor items and sculptures; other waste is turned into compost for garden fertilization.

The main focus of the menu is original dishes with a modern presentation. Most dishes are prepared on an open fire in the oven: appetizers like brioche with cardamom, onion ciabatta, and bread on wild yeast are baked at the restaurant using French techniques. The wines are exclusively selected by the owner of the restaurant: most of them are French varieties, but there are other Mediterranean wines as well.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

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