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1500 — 2500

Björn is a minimalistic Nordic-style restaurant with original cuisine. The menu is seasonal and changes regularly. The kitchen staff use wild game, root vegetables, seasonal vegetables, and forest herbs. They rely on local products, preserving and emphasizing their taste.

This is Russia's first zero-waste restaurant: the only footprint it wants to leave behind is positive memories. Conscientious consumption has become a global trend, and Björn is pioneering this movement in Russia. The restaurant gets its ingredients directly from farms, in reusable containers with zero plastic, and the chef keeps coming up with more and more new efficient ways of using up the entire product, leaving nothing behind.

The interior design uses solely organic materials: wood, stone, moss, antler, and tree stamps. Even the menu is printed on recycled paper.

Björn often invites its guests to Wild Suppers out in the open, taking them out of the megacity's confines. The location is new every time, from a strawberry patch at woodland edge to a pine forest or a river bank. The open-air space magically transforms into a fully fledged restaurant, with a properly laid-out table, a kitchen, and a bar. New Wild Supper announcements are shared on the restaurant's social media pages.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

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