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Cristal Room Baccarat

A restaurant of unique French cuisine


Though Cristal Room Baccarat has not yet been awarded a Michelin star, the restaurant is already directly connected with the famous Guide. First, it is one of the 45 establishments that have been included in the list of Guide recommendations. Second, the person responsible for its kitchen is Michel Lenz, a French chef who has worked with several Michelin restaurants before.

The main thing here is its “synergistic” cuisine: as the restaurant’s founders say, it is “food that has a complex effect on our body, soul, and mind.” The menu includes French dishes made from quality local products, such as foie gras with spices and marmalade, escalope with berry sauce, or French onion soup Au Gratin. The menu would not do without snails: they are served as a fricassee with garlic sauce. For dessert, anyone can find something delightful, from the caramel millefeuille to soup from red berries with basil sorbet. The wine list is extensive, while the bar menu is not overly experimental and instead relies on classic recipes.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of an old mansion and is part of the Maison Baccarat space. Its interior was designed by the legendary Philippe Starck. The designer furniture, exclusive lamps, crystal, and Chinese porcelain create a solemn and somewhat dreamlike atmosphere.

Photo: Cristal Room Baccarat

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