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Georgian cuisine and a wide selection of wines




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Named after the “darbazi”, a traditional Georgian house with an intricate roof, this restaurant of homemade Georgian food was created following the best examples of Tbilisi establishments. Darbazi is located in the courtyard of an old house on Nikoloyamskaya Street — it may be difficult to find it for the first time in cold weather, but in the summer, it opens a bustling terrace for feasts. Inside, it has sturdy wooden tables with white tablecloths, neutral colors, and dim lights, and the walls are decorated with all kinds of antiques, such as woven carpets, painted porcelain plates, and crystal lamps. 

The menu is extensive — traditional dishes are complemented by the chef’s interpretations. Right in one of the halls, there is a tiled stove where the classics of the national cuisine are cooked, such as adjaruli, megruli, and imeruli, as well as all kinds of meat dishes (the local shashlik was especially noted even in the Michelin guide). More sophisticated items include badrijani bebia (boiled eggplant seasoned with peanut butter) and mushroom kuchmachi, a vegetarian snack. The wine list includes more than ten Georgian wines, from a classic pomegranate wine to rare varieties made from white grapes."

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Darbazi

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