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A legendary underground gastrobar


Delicatessen is a European-style home-made cuisine restaurant and bar, with a functioning fireplace, delicious meals, and attentive bartenders, waiters, and hosts. The inscription on the facade says, "Thank you for finding us"; but in fact, finding Delicatessen is not that hard: all you have to do is to duck under an arch and go down to a basement level.

Delicatessen has been around for over 10 years, and has served as training grounds for multiple chefs and bartenders that now work in Moscow. It does not have a specific culinary theme: the chefs cook what they find interesting, without bothering too much about trends. The menu selection changes regularly, depending on the season. There is an affordable lunch menu available on weekdays.

You won't be given a dedicated wine menu as you make your order; you will have to consult a bartender, who will offer you both classical and designer cocktails. The establishment has a number of alcohol specialties: cherry bourbon, raspberry gin, and whiskey made from candied quince. These special tinctures are also regularly used in the preparation of signature cocktails. The menu includes a large collection of top-quality spirits and fortified wines.

Delicatessen boasts a vast gastronomical library, like all the volumes the famous Larousse Gastronomique guidebook. You can't read these books while eating, though (only while you are waiting for your order).

Delicatessen is closed on Mondays.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

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