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Dr. Zhivago

A Russian cuisine restaurant overlooking Manezhnaya Square


This is one of Alexander Rappoport's most famous restaurants, located on the ground floor of Hotel National, with a great view over the Kremlin. The interior design is styled after Soviet Baroque: replicas of Malevich and Petrov-Vodkin on the walls, mosaic-like pattern on the ceiling, a chandelier in the shape of a Kremlin star overhead, and white sculptures of Young Pioneers in the halls.

Dr. Zhivago serves classical Russian cuisine, re-interpreted by chef Alyona Solodovichenko, who previously worked at Varenichnaya No. 1. Alyona uses locally sourced products: turnip, sea buckthorn, lingonberry, parsnip, sprat, and other traditional ingredients. The menu offers a large selection of dumplings and blinis, pirozhki and kulebyaka pies, as well as caviar. The bar has a whole section dedicated to Russian spirits, such as moonshine (samogon), semi-liqueur (polygar), bread wine, an impressive array of vodkas, and various tinctures and infusions. The breakfast menu features pirozhki, traditional soups used as a hangover cure, vareniki, cooked eggs of different types, kasha porridges, sandwiches, and curd-based dishes.

You must book a table well in advance (several weeks ahead if you want to come here in the evening or over the weekend). The restaurant is open 24/7.

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