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Modern Greek cuisine


This is the only Greek restaurant in Moscow where you can't get in without booking in advance. This project, offering a new interpretation of national cuisine, was launched a year ago, and is still intriguing people. The compact dining hall, where the hosts managed to fit almost 70 seats, is filled with the atmosphere of a small but boisterous festival. The feeling is enhanced by an open kitchen, always with fresh fruit and vegetables on the table. The decor is laconic; the only direct reference to the colorful Greek culture is the large blue-tiled stove right in front of the entrance. A spacious terrace opens near the restaurant in the summer.

If you come here for lunch or dinner, it's best to start with meze: a set of different bite-sized snacks, dips, and flatbreads for a wood stove. The hot baked goods are meant to be dipped in cold traditional mousses. Most of the dishes are cooked either over an open fire or in the stove. You can order ethnic liquors, from ouzo to metaxa, to go with your food. The bar menu offers numerous cocktails with herbs and spices. Popular breakfast menu choices include stove-made flatbreads with a different fillings, and lokma doughnuts, swimming in honey syrup, for dessert.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

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