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Grand Cru

A wine restaurant with a focus on French cuisine




10:00 — 23:00


1000 — 2000

One of the oldest restaurants in Patriarch's Ponds, Grand Cru opened back in 2006 and has since been revamped several times. The last changes happened five years ago. The interior is restrained, with rows of wine bottles standing on black shelves, decor elements made of light-colored wood, gray cement, and patterned dark-colored parquet. Plenty of windows and lamps keep the restaurant sunny and bright during the day and create a cozy and calm atmosphere in the evening. 

Grand Cru's wine menu is updated every day and includes over a thousand different wines sold in bottles and almost a hundred wines served by the glass. The main menu features French cuisine with a focus on seafood and vegetable side dishes. Seafood delicacies are complemented by unusual ingredients, for example, scallop crudo with a tomato heart and avocado or sea bass ceviche with cucumber salad, yellow tomatoes, and sweet potato puree. The menu is updated on a seasonal basis, which means the majority of dishes change every three months. 

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

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