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An interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine


This Japanese restaurant near Frunzenskaya metro station occupies a bright space with panoramic windows overlooking the old Trubetskoy estate. The interior is designed in traditional Japanese style with plenty of wood, clean lines, simple shapes, and wooden screens that divide the space into different zones. A big tree with a large crown right in the middle of the central table symbolizes rich Japanese nature. 

The menu includes a lot of traditional Japanese seafood snacks with over ten types of sushi (including sea urchin, truffle and quail egg, and eel and foie gras), salmon ceviche, yellowfin tuna tartare, and redfish carpaccio. As expected, there aren't many hot dishes at Hibiki, but the traditional Japanese kamameshi—rice with seafood cooked in a special pot—is a popular choice. For dessert, you can try another national specialty—monaka cake made of thin wafers shaped like a flower and stuffed with bean paste. Drinks include all sorts of sake, several kinds of Japanese distillates and liqueurs, as well as over 20 types of tea from various Asian countries. 

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Hibiki

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