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Restaurant with a veranda in the Tbilisi style


Ulitsa 1905 Goda


12:00 — 00:00


1000 — 2000

An authentic Georgian place on the Moskva River embankment: restaurateur Andrei Dellos (known for Cafe Pushkin and Turandot) has stepped back from his experiments with Russian cuisine and created an experimental restaurant modeled on the best Tbilisi gastronomic points. There is a spacious hall (more than a hundred seats) with skillfully aged walls, wooden screens between tables and plenty of warm light, and on the second floor there is a veranda overlooking the waterfront. The image of the Tbilisi café is complemented by pictures hung on the walls and paintings in lush frames — an integral part of a Georgian restaurant. 

The menu is divided into two parts; there are both traditional Georgian dishes and positions of national cuisine in the author's reading. The first category includes classic spinach pkhali, Mingrelian khachapuri and garlic chicken chkmeruli, the second one has khachapuri with black truffle and ham, mussels chashuli and khinkali with unusual stuffing. In the morning you can also enjoy Georgian-style breakfasts with fried suluguni, achma and homemade jam. The wine list includes saperavi, kindzmarauli, rkatsiteli, as well as European and Russian wines.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Kazbek

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