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La Marée

Fruits of the sea from all around the world




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A chain of seafood restaurants with a history of more than fifteen years in Moscow. La Marée specializes in rare fish – here, you can taste dishes of Mediterranean turbot and Australian barramundi, Sakhalin scallops and Kamchatka crab, or Scottish salmon and Canadian lobster. Seafood is delivered to the restaurant from twenty countries of the world, and the number of importers increases every year: the list of options was recently enriched with delicacies from North Africa and South America. There is also a fish boutique at each restaurant of the chain, so you can buy seafood to cook at home yourself. 

Despite the abundance of exotic dishes, the northern and far eastern seafood is the most popular: crab, cod, and halibut are considered the restaurant’s main offerings. The menu is extensive: it includes hot dishes and all kinds of starters and snacks, such as salads, sashimi, rolls, and tempura. Apart from its fish dishes, the restaurant pays a great deal of attention to its cheeses, including rare varieties from New Zealand, Serbia, and Tunisia. Your dinner can be complemented with a glass of French wine. The ample wine list gives priority to white and sparkling wines.

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