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Margarita Bistro

European cuisine on the Patriarchs

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This bistro at Patriarch’s Ponds was opened by Glen Ballis (Remy Kitchen Bakery, Cutfish, Glenuill) with Ivan Kukarskikh and Bogdan Panchenko (BB&Burgers). The interior is decorated in light tones: a white ceiling, white furnishings, and French windows.

The name was not chosen by chance: there was once a Margarita cafe, named after Bulgakov’s heroine, at the corner of Malaya Bronnaya and Kozikhinsky Lane. The only thing that remains of the cafe is its name and the stucco ceiling, which is now complemented by the new floral ornaments on the walls. There is an open kitchen with a bar counter in the center of the hall.

The menu consists of classic European dishes, pasta, seafood, and appetizers to go with wine, and there is also a separate breakfast menu. The bistro delivers throughout Moscow, and in the summer, the freshly roasted coffee, prepared by chief barista Anastasia Godunova, can be enjoyed on the outdoor terrace.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Margarita Bistro

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