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Italian cuisine with a focus on mushrooms




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A modern Mediterranean restaurant from the White Rabbit Family gastronomic association. The creators of Mushrooms have placed special emphasis on Italian cuisine, and the establishment’s distinctive feature is its focus on mushrooms selected monthly by mycologist Mikhail Vishnevsky, and the restaurant’s concept has been created around them. There are mushrooms in every dish: porcini mushrooms, champignons, milk-caps, honey mushrooms, russula, oyster mushrooms, woody mushrooms, chanterelles, and morels – this is not even a complete list. They are purchased exclusively from farms, so the seasonality of the dishes plays an important role in the preparation of the menu. 

The main sections of the menu, as must be the case in a truly Italian restaurant, are the pastas and pizzas: there are more than ten options of each. Dinners can be complemented with carpaccio or bruschetta, including vegetarian options, such as those with farm tomatoes and porcini mushrooms. The restaurant is also equipped with a grill where some of the meat or seafood dishes are cooked. The menu is rounded out by various desserts and additives to tea, some of which, such as the black chanterelle jam, also feature mushrooms.

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