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Rare fish and an extensive wine list


Okhotny Ryad


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2000 — 3000

Peshi is a fish restaurant located in the building of Four Seasons Hotel Moscow overlooking the Kremlin. The restaurant has one cozy room featuring a bar counter in addition to large tables, and three event rooms, allowing it to accommodate up to two hundred visitors in total. The interior design matches the restaurant’s profile: chandeliers have the shape of sea corals, furniture is painted in blue and pastel blue colors, while an abundance of natural light coming from the panoramic windows adds a special flair to the décor. 

Peshi offers all sorts of dishes from fish and seafood, which are brought in from Japan twice a week. Customers can not only choose exotic fish, but also the method of cooking: it can be deep-fried, baked in salt, grilled or steamed. The main menu categories are tartare, carpaccio, sauté, cutlets, steaks, pasta and risotto. There is also a special children’s menu with vegetable and fruit salads, soups, nuggets, mini pizzas and desserts – handmade candies, chocolate cheesecakes and apple tarts, and various pies.

The restaurant’s bar menu is as extensive as its main menu: the wine section features over 250 wines from all over the world (mostly European ones), about twenty cocktails (both classical and original), and spirits. 

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