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A neo-bistro with a late breakfast menu at Patriarch's Ponds


Pinch is a neo-bistro at Patriarch's Ponds serving exquisite meals by Ilya Tyutenkov (Severyane, Gorynych, Ugolek, Zhirok) and Uilliam Lamberti (Sartoria Lamberti, Uilliam’s, Ugolek).

The tiny space is almost always packed with people and bustling, which is part of the restaurant's ambiance. In charge of the cuisine is Italian chef Luigi Magni. The menu at Pinch brings together culinary traditions from different countries. Under appetizers, you can find both Italian prosciutto and Japanese tuna tataki, while Mexican tacos are served with nori. To reinforce eclecticism, the mains feature Japanese gyoza, Italian gnocchi, Italian ravioli soup, and Vietnamese pho bo. Breakfast is served here between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The bar menu has three cocktail sections: classic, seasonal, and unusual. As suggested by the apt titles, the first one spans American classics, the former relies on the season, and the latter consists of unconventionally paired flavors: coriander-based tequila, hot pepper mango, and green tea foam. Importantly, Pinch boasts over 20 gin varieties.

If you want to spend your evening hours at one of Patriarch's Ponds most visited places, book a table in advance.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

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