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Riesling Boyz

More than 50 types of Riesling and ideal food to go with it


“A man’s world created with the help of women’s hands.” That is the description of Riesling Boyz offered by Dmitry Levitsky and Gosha Karpenko, its founders, who are known for their numerous bar projects: they opened the Profsoyuz bar association on Novoslobodskaya.

The restaurant has been listed in the Michelin recommendations this year. The interior was planned by the founders to be reminiscent of a students’ flat: bare brick walls with posters on them and chair designs that date back to the 70s, all supplemented with fancy and ingenious decor.

The menu consists of several salads and hot dishes, and all are selected in a way that allows them to be ideally paired with wine. The main courses are made from ordinary ingredients, but are served in an extraordinary way. For example, the sea bass is served in a sparkling-wine sauce. The choice of appetizers is rather extensive: various types of cheese, bruschetta, beef tartare, jamon.

And, of course, wine plays the leading role here. In addition to Riesling, there are many other interesting wines offered. There are still wines, sparkling wines, and pét-nats, which are produced using the traditional technology of natural fermentation.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Riesling Boyz

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