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A Russian restaurant opposite the Bolshoi Theater




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2000 — 3000

The restaurant named after patron of the arts Savva Mamontov is located inside Metropol Hotel, right opposite the Bolshoi Theater. The restaurant has recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. Last year, it underwent a major transformation: a new restaurant concept was created by restaurateur Arkady Novikov, and the menu was significantly altered and supplemented with new items. The new interior is consistent with the style of the hotel, featuring white walls with marble decorative columns, high ceilings with gold trims, and many interesting decor elements. 

The restaurant's concept is an original take on contemporary Russian cuisine. The chefs tend to opt for seasonal products, vegetables, and herbs, and work with farmers: most ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, and some products are made to order. The menu consists of 11 sections; each section has its own name and includes starters, main courses, and desserts. Many dishes feature fish and seafood, including traditional Russian recipes (fish cream soup or fried halibut with vegetable sauté) and their original interpretations (crab salad with red caviar and quick-pickled cucumbers or muksun sugudai).

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Savva

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