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A grand restaurant, Sicilian-style


You will find Semifreddo in the Krasnaya Roze (Red Rose) business district. The brand chef, Nino Graziano, closed his Il Mulinazz restaurant on Sicily (with two Michelin stars!) just so he could move to Moscow.

The menu is based on traditional Italian, specifically Sicilian, cuisine and the old family recipes of Graziano's ancestors. The chef's special offers include up to 10 different dishes and change each season. There is a special seafood selection: oysters, crabs, sea urchins, and red Sicilian shrimp. The principles by which the restaurant operates have remained unchanged from the very first day of its existence. Only the best and freshest products from trusted suppliers make it to Semifreddo's kitchen. The bar menu has a great selection of wines and grappa brandies. The drinks are mostly imported from Italy.

Semifreddo's interior design is impeccable, and yet very simple, with no unnecessary clutter. The meals are rather pricey, but there is a 20% discount around lunchtime.

The restaurant's heated veranda is open almost throughout the whole year; it even has blinders to shield the guests from the wind.

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