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Twins Garden

A modern Russian cuisine by the brothers Berezutsky




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Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky are twins and renowned chefs that work in tandem. Their menu is entirely original, and their mission is to restore the old Russian gastronomic traditions. The brothers' restaurant has received international recognition, ranking as one of the 50 Best Restaurants of the World.

The fact that the twins call their establishment a "Garden" is no accident: two thirds of their ingredients are farm-produced. Apart from vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs, farmers also provide the brothers with fish and poultry, in addition to breeding cows and goats for the restaurant's needs.

For those guests who have not experienced the chefs' cooking before, the menu offers a demo set of six staples that reflect Ivan and Sergey's gastronomic style. Guests can also pre-order one-of-a-kind specials: Rediscovering Russia and Vegetables (the latter is served with vegetable-based wines).

The restaurant's space is divided into two levels. On the ground floor, you will find the main dining space with an open kitchen and a traditional Russian stove, as well as a modern laboratory where Ivan and Sergey experiment with their menu. This is the birthplace of the famous dish that they presented at the Madrid Fusion gastronomy congress: a 3D-printed squid made out of plant proteins.

The upper floor houses a veranda and a "digestive" bar. Twins Garden boasts the largest wine menu in Russia, with over 1000 options. The wines have their own separate storage room, which you can explore on a guided tour.

Tables must be booked a few weeks in advance.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

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