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A restaurant with a wide range of Georgian wine




11:00 — 23:00


1000 — 2000

The restaurant's design is inspired by the Georgian dining culture called "supra", which involves putting tables in the courtyard, in the shade of perennial trees. In this case, special structures made of metal rods and green glass wine bottles play the role of trees in the interior. Long oak tables with Georgian decorations stand between them. 

The menu includes Georgian classics: some are prepared according to traditional recipes, others are experimental. Corn flour, spices, and nuts are imported from Georgia, which is how the restaurant maintains its authenticity. Vani has a large selection of Georgian appetizers (pkhali with different vegetables, nut-stuffed eggplants), an even larger cheese selection, and an impressive range of main courses, including plenty of fish dishes like grilled trout and plaice. But the main feature of the restaurant is the wine menu: Vani has the widest choice of Georgian wines in Moscow that includes white and sparkling wines in addition to the usual red semi-sweet varieties. 

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Vani

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