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Seafood from all over the world in a cozy atmosphere


Volna is a project from Andrey Dellos and Dmitry Eremeev, the brand chef at Turandot. The restaurant is located on Tverskoy Boulevard, in the historic former estate of Rimsky-Korsakov.

The main focus is on fresh fish and seafood. The composition of the menu evokes thoughts of a round-the-world trip: wild fish are brought here from Sri Lanka and Morocco, sterlet, from Smolensk Region, sea urchins, from Murmansk, and crabs, from Kamchatka. Special attention is paid to a specialty of Russian cuisine: stroganina from nelma, muksun, trout, and broad whitefish.

Several types of pasta and risotto are offered, all with fish or seafood. Even the pelmeni are filled with salmon or prawns at Volna. However, there are a couple of meat and poultry dishes on the menu: beef stroganoff with mashed potato and chicken with mini potatoes. Wine is available by the glass: the choices are not extensive, but all the options wonderfully match the dishes and complement their flavors.

The interior is reminiscent of the sea, too: the lamps under the ceiling form a bright wave, the dark blue wall is decorated with a panel with carps, and the seafood display window looks like a floating submarine.

Ask the concierge for a reservation If you are staying at the hotel.

Photo: Volna

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