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MARS Center of Contemporary Art

Media performances, sound art and other forms of digital art


Founded in 1988 as an association of artists who used the venue to display and sell their works, MARS evolved into a full-fledged private museum of contemporary art, the first of its kind in Russia.

Today, it is one of Moscow's most unusual galleries. The Center's staples are digital tech-based works: video art, sound art, and media performances. Regular events at the MARS gallery include the CoMmission comic fest, the Field of MARS youth project, and the ArtDigita exhibition of digital artworks. Among other fixtures are interactive exhibitions where visitors enter an almost hall and begin interacting with digital wall and ceiling paintings using hand movements or dancing to a particular tune. the image the visitor has stepped into starts to change, taking on new colors, sounds, or shapes. The Center's halls are also fitted with armchairs that convey the sensations of a spaceflight and hovering in the infinity.

The gallery store sells one-of-a-kind custom-made items, such as paintings, prints, sculptures, figurines, clocks, posters, modern icons, and more.

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