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State Darwin Museum

Rare dummies and multimedia models under one roof




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The museum representing the theory of evolution was opened in Moscow in 1907 inspired by biologist Dr. Alexander Kots' visit to the British Museum. Today, the facility contains over 400,000 exhibits, including the unique ones like the world's largest collection of birds and other animals with abnormal plumages or skin colors. The central hall is dominated by the dummies of the African elephant and giraffe that have long become the museum's staple.

In its expositions, the Darwin Museum makes extensive use of multimedia models.For example, to gain a better understanding of the Mesozoic Era, visitors can check out the mobile models of dinosaurs.

An underground passageway links the main building to the exhibition complex featuring an exposition, titled "Walk the Evolutionary Path," a study lab, an insectarium, a green house, a digital planetarium, and 4D and 5D amusement rides. The museum's front yard has a small paleo park with replicas of prehistoric animals.

The Darwin Museum hosts classes and tours both for kids and adults, discussion sessions with biologists, meetings with travelers, interactive shows, and 3D screenings of educational documentaries. The Museum also runs the Center for Innovative Youth Activities offering courses in electronics and robotics. The hub can become a venue for your kid's birthday party (for kids aged four or older). To add more fun, you can opt for a quest-based tour.

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