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Viktor Vasnetsov House Museum

A unique masterpiece in wood

Дом музей Васнецова.jpg

The museum is dedicated to the works by artist Viktor Vasnetsov and is part of the State Tretyakov Gallery complex. The wooden mansion was designed by Vasnetsov in the Russian Revival style with elements of ancient Russian architecture and Art Nouveau.

The house merges design details representing features of various classes of Russian society: the parlor is dominated by the 17th-century posh boyar style, while the dining room resembles the one peasant huts used to have. Composition-wise, the building also references Northern architectural traditions. The utility rooms are structured to the design of old Russian log cottages.

The interior is made using the materials crafted by the Abramtsevo workshops, which revived the unique glazed pottery traditions, and Count Stroganov workshops, which focused on traditional Russian woodcarving.

The museum collection totals over 25,000 exhibits, including paintings, household items, photographic collections, and the artist's early drawings. The upstairs workshop houses Vasnetsov's professional tools and his Russian Revival architectural sketches.

The museum's small space can only accommodate up to seven visitors at a time. To learn the factoids of the household items and artistic process, make sure to book a tour well in advance.

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