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Baskin-Robbins ice cream factory

A real-time tour of the production facility


One of the biggest ice cream factories, established over 30 years ago. Baskin-Robbins gained popularity due to its classic ice cream flavors featuring unusual ingredients like pralines and cream or pistachio almond. 

During a tour of the Baskin-Robbins factory, you will get to see all stages of ice cream production, from ingredients control to the maturation of the milk mixture. Visitors get to watch the process of ice cream making in real time since tours take place on weekdays when all facilities are working. That's why you won't be able to taste the ice cream straight from the conveyor belt, but each tour ends in a branded café where visitors can choose three flavors to try. Visitors also get certificates to buy ice cream online or flyers to use in the chain's cafés. 

The tour lasts one hour. The average number of visitors per group is 20—25. Smaller groups will need to purchase a group ticket to visit the factory. Please note that no photos or videos are allowed at the factory.

Photo: Baskin-Robbins

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