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Triumph Gallery

Young art-space on Ilyinka Street


The gallery, which specializes in contemporary art, opened in 2006 and has since become one of the city’s iconic cultural spaces. It collaborates with famous Russian artists (AES + F, Alexander Brodsky, Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky, Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt, Recycle Group), and also brings the work of their famous foreign colleagues.

For example, Triumph was the first to present to the Moscow public the works of Damien Hirst (one of his most famous works is a shark “swimming” in formaldehyde), and then organized a solo exhibition of the controversial and provocative brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman. The gallery represents not only artists: in October 2021, Renata Litvinova and Gosha Rubchinsky’s “Northern Wind” project was shown.

It is usually not very crowded here, and the halls are spacious and bright, which allows you to view the exhibits from all angles.

Photo: Triumph Gallery

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