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City Farm at VDNH

A farm with alpacas and reindeer

Городская ферма_1.jpg

This family education center with a cozy farm on the bank of the Kamenka River is one of the most unusual parts of VDNH. It is the only farm open to visitors within the city limits with alpacas, zebu cows, goats, and even reindeer; the complex occupies more than three hectares of land. The location of the farm was also chosen for a reason: the center opened on the renovated grounds of the exhibition in 2015.

The farm's inhabitants are open to human contact: every animal here can be petted and fed. The live exhibit is designed primarily for children and teenagers, but the center regularly organizes themed events for the whole family: you can attend a lecture on arranging a home garden or an animal corner, a workshop on flower care, a workshop on making straw toys, or even a presentation on an exotic plant. There is also a café with the same name: Ferma (Russian for "farm"), serving dishes made of vegetables and herbs from the latest harvest.

In summer the bank of the Kamenka River turns into a recreation spot — nearby, there is a huge playground with workout machines, dozens of structures on which to play, and a small beach with sunbeds and deck chairs. There are fish in the river; there are fishing piers, and tackle and other equipment can be rented from the farm — they also offer workshops for novice fishermen.

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