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Shchusev State Museum of Architecture

Europe's first and Russia's only museum of architecture

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Aleksandrovskiy Sad


150 — 300

The museum occupies an old estate of the Talyzins. Both a suite of rooms in the former master house and a wing in the courtyard are used as venues for exhibitions and lectures.

The Ruin Wing is one of the city's most unconventional exhibition spaces, being an embodiment of an innovative restoration approach, previously unheard of in Moscow: the historical ruins are preserved the way they were. The museum's courtyard is home to a collection of garden and park sculptures of the 18th and 19th centuries. It also features fragments of the Triumph Arch by Osip Bove and fence gratings of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The exposition showcases world architecture from the ancient times through modernity. It comprises sketches, photos, and models of Russian architectural structures, old Byzantine temples, religious buildings of the Middle East, and European architectural designs.

Besides tours of the exposition, the museum offers guided walks around the city where real-life buildings are used to study and understand the features of various architectural styles and trends.

The museum also operates the kids' center, which teaches classes on monumental painting, mosaics, and joinery as well as two courses titled "The Architect's A to Z" and "Architectural Geometry."

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