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Pushkin State Museum

The museum dedicated to the great poet


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The Pushkin State Museum is dedicated to the life and work of the classical author, as well as the everyday life of the Moscow nobility. Since 1961, it has occupied the building of the city noble estate of the Khrushchev-Seleznev family built in the 19th century. The estate is an architectural monument of the Russian classicism currently housing permanent exhibitions “Pushkin and His Era” and “Pushkin’s Fairy Tales”, exhibition halls, conference and reading halls. In addition, the funds with open storage of rare books, paintings, porcelain, ceramics, and bronze are also located here.

Apart from the principal building the museum includes five branches: Alexander Pushkin Memorial Apartment on Arbat Street, Andrei Bely Memorial Apartment on Arbat Street, Ivan Turgenev House Museum on Ostozhenka Street, V.L. Pushkin House Museum on Staraya Basmannaya Street, and Exhibition Halls on Denezhny Lane. The items demonstrated at the exhibition areas include authentic belongings of poets and writers, as well as historical evidence of their era.

Photo: Pushkin State Museum

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