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Mikhail Bulgakov State Museum

"A bad apartment" from "The Master and Margarita"


The museum occupies a legendary communal apartment. For a couple of years, one if its rooms was a place that writer Mikhail Bulgakov called home. It was this dwelling after which the author modeled the infamous "bad apartment" in his novel "The Master and Margarita." Each section of the communal apartment offers a separate exposition: Moscow's First Study, Blue-Walled Study, Editor's Office, and Kitchen. The rooms encapsulate the spirit of Bulgakov's everyday life and his habits, while the kitchen features items of yesteryear: kerosene vessels, a Primus stove, casseroles, and many more.

The museum offers detailed guided tours, which will help you discover the real identities and backstories behind some of Bulgakov's most prominent characters, plot twists, and creative oddities. The exposition will also provide an insight into the brain's workings of an individual who spent 18 months dwelling in the "bad apartment" and who was then unlikely to be unnerved by literally anything at all.

As the museum is far from being a large one, the tour can be complemented with a stroll around Patriarch's Pond, or you can spend the rest of the day exploring Bulgakov's oeuvre. The latter option is covered by a five-hour walk spanning places largely associated with the writer, titled "Chasing the Characters of 'The Master and Margarita.'" An alternative offer is a three-hour "Once at Patriarch's Pond" walk.

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