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A park for kids with the full “grown-up” infrastructure


Started in Mexico over 20 years ago, KidZania parks now exist in twenty different countries. KidZania is an outside-the-box interactive learning format for kids. Instead of the traditional hobby groups and career counseling, children get to fend for themselves in a full-blown city. Having considered and rejected the idea of mentoring, the chain encourages every little visitor to plunge headlong into real life with all its ups and downs. Kids get to work for salaries paid in the KidZanian currency and spend their money in any way they want.

The KidZania experience starts in the lobby, where visitors receive a city map, a boarding pass, a bank account with some seed capital, an insurance policy, and a numbered personal bracelet they will use to register for the careers they wish to pursue. The central idea is that every player has to work in order to have a good time. The kids are encouraged to try their hand at the different jobs they are offered at the employment center. Kids get to choose from a huge list of jobs, from fireman to news reporter. All jobs in the careers park are linked to certain major global brands. The children get to work in certain banks, stores, and restaurants that really exist.

There are different categories of tickets for KidZania, ranging up from Comfort to Premium, priced according to the number of activities included in the experience. There are also interactive waiting areas for parents where they can wait for their child in comfort. One has to purchase a ticket to access the waiting area. Tickets can be purchased for any one day or for a specified number of days per month with flexible dates and times.

Photo: KidZania

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