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Moscow Planetarium

Peer through the telescope to see 9,000 stars


Russia's oldest planetarium, one of the world's largest, was established in 1929 and was more than a mere museum. All Soviet cosmonauts received their navigation training here. Today, the planetarium has state-of-the-art equipment and offers unique programs for both adults and kids.

The space encompasses several levels. The lowest level, one beneath the ground, accommodates the Small Star Hall, showing a miniature star-studded sky, a 4D movie theater, and the Lunarium interactive museum offering expositions on astronomy and physics. Level One houses the rest of the Lunarium exposition dedicated to the history of space exploration, and the Urania Museum halls narrate the history of the Moscow Planetarium.

Level Two is home to the Large (featuring Moscow's largest publicly available telescope with a 300mm reflector) and Small (a telescope with a 400mm reflector) Observatories, the Sky Park astronomical platform with a collection of outdoor astronomical equipment, and the Urania museum hall sporting a collection of meteor fragments and the historical Planetarium equipment by Zeiss. Finally, Level Three, sitting right under the dome, houses the Large Star Hall where you can take a look at more than 9,000 space objects and the way they move around the sky.

Astronomy buffs can download a Planetarium-designed mobile app offering updates from the world of astronomy and notifications of the upcoming museum events. It also helps you navigate the space exposition on your own.

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